Commission Terms of Service-

I reserve the right to refuse a commission

I reserve the right to update and change these policies without notice.

What I will draw- I work in a semi-realistic/anime style and can draw humanoid characters as well as a variety of animals/creatures/dragons. I can also do a variety of weapons as well. I do have difficulty with mecha/robots/vehicles. I am willing to give them a try, but please realize they could take longer than things I am more proficient in. Artistic nudity can be allowed depending on the content, to be discussed with the commissioner. Sexually Explicit images will not be accepted at all. You may contact me through here or email me at

All images will be from 300-600ppi and A4 sized unless otherwise stated or requested. A high res copy will be sent to the commissioner upon completion, watermark free, however my signature may not be altered or removed.

Visual references must be provided if available, otherwise a detailed description of what is to be commissioned must be provided before the job will be accepted.

I will retain all rights to the commissioned artwork, including the right to print the artwork or use it to promote my services. All commissions are for Non-Commercial, personal use only.


Half payment is required up front at the time of commission. The remainder of payment will be due upon completion and then the commissioner will receive the high res version of the finished image. Payment will be accepted via paypal at Cash/check/money order can be arranged at the time of commission as well. In the case of cash/check/money order, half payment must be received in the mail before the commission will be started. All payments in USD only.

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