WIP'S (Works In Progress) will be provided at the end of every stage (e.g, sketch, line art, colours and shading)
for confirmation from the buyer. This is to ensure that everything is running smoothly and so
we can avoid major changes later on. It's much easier to fix at the beginning than it is at the end!

Small changes will be allowed after the commission is complete, such as colour changes or marking mistakes (fur, clothing patterns etc,)

As the artist, I will be able to post the finished commission to DeviantArt and other websites (Tumblr, Paigeeworld, Wysp etc)
in order to promote my page. If you would like me to not post the finished commission please let me know!
Credit will be given where due (character belongs to @______, etc)
Most commissions will be for personal use, so please do not try to pass the art itself off as your own, or try to
use it for commercial purposes.

If I have not yet started on the commission, you may ask for a refund.
If the money has not yet been sent, you can ask for the commission to be cancelled!

Once you have received the finished commission you may not ask for a refund. In most cases, when you commission
an artist you are paying not only for the work but for the time the artist has spent on it.

If you are displeased with the commission at all please notify me in earlier stages and we
can discuss what we can do to resolve any issues!

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