What I do:

I draw semi-realistic characters, both girls and boys.
I can draw animal ears and tails.
I can draw creatures like elves, vampire etc
I do fan art of any kind
I do characters of any kind like sci-fi, gothic, medieval, modern etc
I draw animals and creatures

My Prices (character with simple background):

Shoulders up: $22 (+$14 per extra character)
Waist up: $24 (+$16 per extra character)
Thight Up: $29 (+$18 per extra character)
Full body: $36 (+$24 per extra character)

Terms and Conditions:

I reserve the right to share finished commissions, WIPs, process videos, and finished sketches on DevianART, Tumblr, Patreon, Facebook or Y! Gallery but only you will have access to the fullsized file.
Time estimates will range anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on current life/work situations.
I expect payment before I begin your commission.
Prices are subject to change if the design is more complex and if you ask for a specific background

Feel free to ask any questions, thank you!

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