1. All payments shall be made in full upfront. Mode of transaction is through paypal.
2. Rates or prices vary according to the intricacy of the design and the level of details involved in the piece. Thus, appropriate additional costs may be applied.
3. Adequate and clear visual references shall be provided first hand. For conceptual characters (you let me interpret your concept), an additional cost of $5 is added in the price.
4. All communications are encouraged to be executed here in Commish Artify or via email.
5. The following depictions for your commission are automatically rejected: religious mockery/blasphemy, violence, gore, nudity with sexual explicitness, hate, immorality, or demonic concepts.
6. All orders will come in high resolution format at 300dpi.
7. Orders or reservations with overdue transactions and insufficient related communications/confirmations are bound for immediate cancellation or queue transfer without prior notice.
8. The given time frame to deliver the final product is approximately 3 weeks. Work on the actual piece will commence within the month where the order was specifically queued for.
9. Characters are to be rendered according to my style. My approach may not necessarily capture their likeness accurately or adjust the art form to other genre such as anime. Rest assured that the provided references will be followed as detailed as possible in my own terms. It is already understood that availing my services would mean you are respectfully open for my own rendition of your character/s or the overall feel of the piece.
10. The final artwork will be posted in my dA gallery. I may also post the piece on my facebook page (, Twitter (, Commish Artify! (, and Tumblr ( unless full privacy of its exposure is expressed beforehand. You may also post the artwork in your own gallery with proper credits.
11. Any major revisions such as changes on final line art, texture, forms of certain elements, and effects will have an upfront charge that is 15% of the total agreed price. Thus, it is very essential that all necessary references and descriptions are to be completely provided before finalization of the concept.
12. You are not allowed to edit and apply additional elements in the piece unless you have my permission.
13. If the piece is commissioned for commercial purposes, please let me know in advance or before entering into final transaction.
14. Once payment has been made, it is presumed that you agree to the terms mentioned above and fully understand that I reserve the right to impose these conditions.

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