My name is Samantha Humphreys, I am currently studying Art in my Alevel studies and wish to pursue it as a career. I'm doing commissions to help me raise funds for me to attend my choirs tour in Europe, which I'm raising money for. I believe doing commissions also, will help me to gain experience for the industry and help me to expand my knowledge and love for art, and also, bring a smile to someone face by creating a piece of work for them.
Terms of service I believe is a 'here are my rules' kinda word so I'm going to change it to 'friendly agreement':

-I shall not do any work that I believe inappropriate, and which I do not feel comfortable in doing.
-If you require a piece of work to be done by a deadline then please let me know first to see if I'm to meet that deadline (for instance, we can't have you turning up to your sisters birthday with no card now can we?? no!)
-Please do not be mean in way to others or myself I shall take constructive criticism, like all and I am very open minded, however 'this is poo' last time I checked is not constructive advice/criticism.

I look forward to meeting you and hopefully being a form of great service :)

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