Up to date as of May 2015.
Not much has changed, I just reworded some clauses for clarity.

1 - Payment of the Artist

1.1 - What I Expect from Patrons

- Prompt payment when requested.
- Payment of the correct amount, depending on payment plans.
- If the patron wishes for their piece to be printed and/or shipped, I expect the patron to pay for these services.
- Unless the patron is within the UK, I expect payment through Paypal. Snail Mail payments can be made from UK patrons.

1.15 - Payment Plans

- On pieces worth $50 or over, I will be more than happy to organise a payment plan, so that the patron can pay for their piece in bite-sized chunks over a period of time.
- Section 1.1 still applies to these 'chunks' of payment.

1.2 - What Patrons Should Expect from the Artist

- A request for payment only after showing the patron the sketch. The only exception to this rule is with wing-it commissions, where the artist is given total artistic freedom.

1.3 - Refund Policy

To ensure that the patron is happy with their art, the artist will display the sketch to the patron before continuing with the piece. At this point, the patron has three options:
1) The patron is happy with the sketch, and pays the full price of the requested piece up front.
2) The patron may request change(s) to the sketch regarding details and pose. When the patron is happy with the sketch, he/she pays the full price of the requested piece up front.
3) The patron may choose to drop out of the deal at no charge if he/she has changed their mind. This will be the patron's final chance to drop out at no charge.

After a full payment has been made, the artist will continue with the piece. The piece will be shown to the patron at regular intervals (or livestreamed if time difference allows), and the patron can request changes to colour and detail, but NOT pose at this stage.

Should the patron feel the need to drop out of the deal at any stage after payment, then the artist will refund the patron for whatever stages have not yet been started (for example: shading or background). The patron will be able to keep the piece as it is at the time that they drop out.

2 - Negotiation of Prices

The price of the piece may be negotiated, as the prices seen on the Commission Pricelist is only a guide as to how much the patron will pay.
Once the patron has sent a note to the artist with details of their commission, the artist will provide the patron with a quote as to what the artist thinks the piece is worth. If the patron disagrees with the price, or cannot pay the full amount, then he/she may negotiate with the price with the artist, until both are happy with the price.

2.5 - Credit System

Patrons who plan on ordering multiple commissions may enquire about a credit system. The system works as follows:

- Patron orders credits. Each credit comes at the cost of $3.
- The patron and their credits are logged in a spreadsheet.
- The patron may exchange credits for artwork.

The benefit of the credit system is that it allows the patron to cap how much they want to spend - and each piece works out at a lower total cost than it would by the normal payment system.

3 - Artist's and Patron's Rights and Responsibilities

3.1 - Patron's Rights

As a patron, your rights are:

- To be able to request updates on your commission at regular intervals.
- To be treated with respect by the artist.
- To drop out of the deal at any time, however, charges may be incurred depending on the stage of the piece.
- To negotiate pricing with the artist.
- To be happy with the finished product.
- To request changes to the piece at any point (to the extent as to which the terms above allow (see "Refund Policy")).

3.2 - Artist's Rights

As an artist, my rights are:

- To be able to refuse the patron's request, should I feel that it:
1) Is out of my ability as an artist.
2) May be considered offensive to others.
3) Contains material that falls under my "I Will Not Draw" list.
4) Is sexually explicit in any way, unless agreed prior.

- To be treated with respect by the patron.
- To be treated with patience by the patron (I do, funnily enough, have a life, so please be patient if my life is hectic at the time during your commission).

3.3 - Patron's Responsibilities

As a patron, you will be expected to:

- Fulfill the requirements set out in section 1.1
- Not be "difficult", and describe your request to the artist in as much detail as possible, and provide a reference for characters, places and objects is available (I can't mind read, sorry).
- It would be greatly appreciated if the patron would credit me at least once, however, this is not vital.

3.4 - Artist's Responsibilities

As an artist, I must:

- At least attempt a request that I think may be out of my abilities.
- Act upon the commission as promptly as I can (life allowing).
- Act upon commissions in a first-come-first-serve style policy.
- Take patron's suggestions into consideration, even if they do not seem like good ideas.
- Act upon every single commission with the best of my abilities.

4 - Wills and Will Nots

4.1 - Will Nots

I reserve the right to refuse patron's requests should they:

- Be out of my abilities (once tried).
- Contain any of the following material:
1) Sexually explicit content, UNLESS AGREED PRIOR. I am willing to do NSFW work under certain situations. If you're looking for something NSFW from me, please ask and we can work something out.
2) Certain fetishes. If you are unsure, please ask!

4.2 - Wills

There is every chance that I will accept your request should it be:

- Anthro/feral furries
- Anthro/feral scalies
- Anthro/feral avians
- Pokémon
- 'Taurs.
- Anything not from section 4.1. C:

4.3 - Maybes

- Humans
- Pinups

5 - Request and Art Trade Policies

Art created for free requests or art trades will likely be of a poorer quality than those of commissions (paid requests), and you can expect the artist to be a lot less lenient with detail and pose changes.

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