Please email me at for commissions!

Hi, my name is Serena :)
I'm 17 years old (turning 18 on February 17) and I live in Winnipeg, MB.
All the money I earn from these commissions will be going towards my funds to get to Vancouver Film School (hopefully by next year) for both the classical animation course and concept art course!
Any support to help me get that much closer to my goal is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much :)
Once I receive a message from you regarding a commission, I assume you have read and agreed to everything below! So please be thorough.

Rules and Agreements
*All payments are to be made through Paypal with USD.

• When sending payment, select the "send money to friends and family"option. If you are against using that form of payment, you may use "pay for goods and services" but you must add the fees onto your total using the paypal fee calculator.
• Commissioned pieces can NOT be used for profit/commercial use.
• Refunds will not be given unless I am unable to complete your commission. I am not the fastest artist and I am very busy, so I ask for your patience.
• WIPs (work in progress) are available upon request.
• Prices are subject to change.

If you're not sure about something, feel free to send an email my way and I'll be happy to assist you :)
Est. time to finish and deliver art the moment we agree on the commission:
1-2 month/s* depending on how many orders I have at the time.
*I will contact you if any hang-ups occur.

Will do:
-humans, monsters, furries/anthro, NSFW, Gore, BL/GL etc.

Wont do:
-Mecha-Scifi (ex: transformers, armor suits etc.)
-Detailed Landscapes
-overly buffed dudes (might consider though)

Commission process:
-Send me an email with the form. I'll reply with a price quote and we both agree on it.
-Please put the username you contacted me with in the paypal description, so I know who is paying what.

I DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS! please consider this if you want to commission me!
Information on this page is subject to change in the future.

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