In this world of creative life I live, building a house of the things I made with my own two hands amongst the public domain, I sometimes scour said domain like a scavenging vulture (though this is reserved for the occasion in which I find a doohicky to my liking, an image that I want to rebuild, to put a bird upon!) which can polymorph into a scholarly tree. Polymorph using dodecahedrons, mind you, for anything else is less aesthetically pretty.

However, whilst in the form of this tree, I can produce many an interesting fruit with the help of request, coin, or whim. The fruits you may devour using the teeth of your eyes (do remember to chew before you swallow!) as you wish, or gaze upon the walls of my creative house as your whim pleases. Should you have a fruit or wall tickling your desire, I can mayhaps manage it for a small price.


When employing my services, you agree that any and all credit is mine for the final product, and that you will not sell the product for your own benefit without my permission. You also acknowledge that all images I create are under copyright, and that I do not allow the use of the image(s) other than for what is told to me at the time of request. Modifying anything I produce will need permission. Also, when employing my services, you also acknowledge that you will receive a digital copy of my work, and not a physical one.

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