I'm a artist and student from the UK, based in Lincoln.
I use a range of media in my work when creating university work.

However I would like to put this talent towards making traditional art others can enjoy.
I'm currently going through some hardships with money due to having chest reconstruction. In my personal university art work it is usually about gender and experiences my life has thrown upon me.

When creating commissions I either draw/watercolour/illustrate depending on how the customer likes their work.

When taking a Commission I would preferably would rather characters from fandoms I know, however doing the unknowing is challenging and interesting to improve my skills. If I don’t know the fandom you are wanting a character from, I will just need extra instructions about that character seeing as I don’t know them.

Larger scaled drawings of bodies are more difficult for me, so they would need more time in comparison to head drawings. I would need references to photos depending on the position.

I usually draw head drawings or concept art of characters making expressions. I like being asked to draw OC’s or IRL people to change them into anime characters.

I can draw tattoos or shirt styles if there is precise instructions to go on. Just look at the examples above at what I have drawn if the style is liked for something more personal.

Commissions currently open, I’m taking 1-3 at a time due to some sketches taking longer than others – the longest is 2-3 days. If it is a special occasion I can take the time to pull an all nighter, however the longer I take preferably the better it looks. I will update you on what the base outline looks like before pen is added or media, so if your idea changes or you would prefer another media it can be easily changed.

(+) original characters and fan characters, fan art, magical girls, soft/tasteful nude, minor violence: (blood, bruises, cuts), couples, light shipping, lingerie, people with animal-like features (ears, antlers, tails, eyes), tattoo designs, shirt designs, cartoons, IRL people, screencaps, silly one offs, headcanons

(-) old people, porn, child pornography, furries, MLP, mecha, anything racist, sexist or anything that discriminates other groups and makes me feel uncomfortable, buff/muscular men, anything super manly/masculine

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