Job Board Guidelines
  1. Nature of each listing should be job art offers or writing jobs relating to art only. We reserve the right to remove ads offering jobs that are not
    appropriate for Commish Artify!.
  2. This section is used for paid work only. A listing must include a job vacancy for paid work.
  3. When the position is filled or your listing is no longer needed, please close your listing by marking it filled.
  4. Descriptions must not contain foul language, profanity, satanism, immorality or any contents that users may find offensive, disrespectful, or controversial.
  5. Foreign languages are acceptable. However, Commish Artify! does not translate them for users and we won’t be liable for any damages caused by this type of set-up.
  6. Each submission must be assigned to an appropriate listing category.
  7. Duplicate listings are not allowed.
  8. Please be aware that listings made here represent private transactions between the employer and the applicant wherein both are responsible for what will transpire during and after the application. Any results of arrangements are not regulated by CA! or its staff and as a result those involved assume all risk.