Listing Upload Policy

The following rules and regulations for every submission are to be strictly followed:


  1. Nature of listing is limited to creative illustrations or any form of visual arts (see wiki for complete list).
  2. Each listing upload should be associated with 1 artist per service and should not be maintained by a group or agent unless it’s a collaborative commission (e.g. uploader is the partner colorist of a penciler where the latter permits the former to be the representative of their collaboration). Content that is not made by the uploader/collaborators is strictly prohibited.
  3. The image upload/s of each listing should be sample/s of works covered within the terms of the offered commission service. A collage of different portfolios or poster of varying samples is not allowed. Users must maintain 1 sample per image only unless it shows different pieces, but of the same category.
  4. Base price for each listing must start at $15 per piece. Any listings reflecting below the required minimum price will be deleted without prior notice.
  5. Listings with the following depictions are automatically removed: religious mockery/blasphemy, violence, gore, nudity with sexual explicitness, hate, immorality, demonic concepts or any NSFW materials.
  6. Descriptions must not contain foul language, profanity, or any contents that users may find offensive, disrespectful, or controversial. Foreign languages are acceptable. However, Commish Artify! does not translate them for users and we won’t be liable for any damages caused by this type of set-up.
  7. Listings with vague or blurry image details, incorrectly rotated content, or blank portfolio are automatically removed.
  8. Duplicate listings are not allowed.
  9. Each submission must be assigned to an appropriate listing category.
  10. The nature of each commish listing must be art services offered by artists. Selling art, posting job ads or creating a post to hire artists are not allowed within the scope of CA!’s 3 main search categories. However, if you are a Seeker, a Supreme, or an Ultimate premium member, you can post such job ads in our Job Board section. Naturally, only job postings are allowed there.

For more information, kindly read through our terms of service and privacy policy. Thank you.