B&W Half-body single character digital pinup lineart on white background

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B&W Half-body single character digital pinup lineart on white background

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For the affordable price of USD$15.00 You get a B&W, half-body 300-dpi uncompressed jpg/png file of your single character commissioned image. Please note… As much as sending pencil/charcoal/watercolor drawings through snail mail goes, this is not what I’m offering so if this is what you need please feel free to look somewhere else. I work digitally, meaning these images will be digitally done, using my computer from sketch to inking and even coloring.

What do I need to draw this?
Reference images – so I know how the character looks like. It could either be a drawing or a photo of the character. If its an OC (original character) then an image that best shows your OC.

Description of character – ok so you don’t have a reference image, send me a worded description then. Be as descriptive as possible. Please keep in mind that without a visual reference, I will be drawing my version of that character based on how I understood your description so it’s very possible that it might not look like what you had in mind for the character drawn.

Pose reference – if you want the character in a specific pose. No worded descriptions please, just send an image of the pose. Please note of the half-body limitation for your image.

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